Accomodation Services

At Step Ahead Support, we offer guaranteed superior accommodation, for 16 – 25 (unregulated) and 18 -65+ (regulated), who feel at risk with key recreational facilities and equipment, to produce, enhance and uphold a secure environment where they can express and explore their individuality, growth and development. 

Our accommodation is modern, well-maintained and located in beautiful neighbourhoods. We want those we support to fully appreciate and benefit from community life as far as possible. We are also able to help with finding accommodation and securing a tenancy for those in our outreach programs. We always ensure that the communities have access to stores and reliable transport links. Apart from managing occupancy, we also help with the managing of household budgets and household tasks. This paves a way for an easier route of integration into the community.

Within Our Properties We Offer:

Each one of our accommodations are well-kept 

  • Accommodation and support for any time Versatile and amenable support for people aged 16 – 25 unregulated and 18 – 65+ regulated 
  • Thoroughly equipped with important furnishings 
  • Staffed 24/7 
  • Guarded access to the building 
  • A garden 
  • Accessible public transport 
  • Period 
  • Accommodation for 2-3 people at any single frame of time 

Emergency Placements

Step Ahead Support runs a 24-hour (inclusive of out of hours) service. We can assist, ease and fit in placements at short notice. All placements made through our service are necessitated to be accommodated within a 48-hour setting pending assessment. We offer this service for people aged 16 – 25 (unregulated) and 18 -65+ (regulated), who are victims of difficult situations and are in dire need of a secure, warm, comfortable and welcoming place to live until either a return home is practical or a planned move to another placement can be organized, or long term placement with us in a homely environment.