Care Pathways

Our supported living services pave way for young people to live life as independently as possible. They will also have their own safe and beautiful apartment or room. The care plans allow flexibility when it comes to the need of the individual in question as the carer adjusts with the gradual change of their needs. Access to beautiful rooms allows for our service users to engage in conversation with team members and other service users, at their own preference. As always, our schemes are located near shops and transport links so that our service users have easy access and engagement with the locals.

Learning Disability Needs

Residential: Our residential homes provide a safe environment in which our service users thrive. Our team consists of a wide range of professionals, including a management team, team leaders, therapists and support workers who have one single goal in mind: to provide exceptional service. Due to our many years of our experienced staff, our entire team has an acute understanding of the price of providing good service which encourages self-sufficiency, integration and independence. All homes in our residential schemes have spacious and bright bedrooms. Furthermore our communal homes have easy access to mesmerising gardens. To ensure that residents engage with the community, our homes are located near stores and public transport links.

Mental Health Needs

Support for people with Mental Health Conditions.
Step Ahead Support provides support for young people with mental health problems, including those with learning disabilities, addictions, forensic histories and compound needs. We provide support on a maximum ratio of two residents per key worker. Residents follow an individual-specific care plan or Wellness Recovery Action Plan, in which the notion of ‘choices’ is introduced as early as possible. Those who suffer from addiction can engage in our fully integrated programme of care which is based on an evidence-based model of practice

We have our sight set on minimising chaotic ways of living, offering a supportive and inclusive structured day that will centre on positive projects, as well as providing practical and emotional support to individuals by way of compassionate listening, motivational encouragement and engagement, and by tailoring the recovery support plans to the individual at hand through considering the person’s life experiences, traumas or impactful past, as well as areas to focus on and work towards. The residents have supported access to local services and beneficial therapeutic resources such as aromatherapy and music therapy.


Our outreach services are for those with learning disabilities and/or those with mental health conditions, who- to a greater extent- are able to live independently. Oftentimes these individuals would have spent time in our residential services but have built up the confidence, courage and ultimately become prepared for a greater depth of independence. Once they have chosen to move on, or rather to move out in this case, our outreach team will communicate with housing associations, as well as local landlords to help the tenant find a satisfactory property often near the residential service. The team will also help in securing the tenancy. Once that is done, our team will help the service user move-in and settle.

Our expertise in residential living and outreach schemes allows one to move through the care pathway as they build their independence. With increased independence, we gradually decrease the level of support they receive from our outreach services.