International Recruitment

We are recruiting on behalf of our clients for International Carers.

International Carers

The Procedure

Firstly, we ensure that the candidates are compliant and have the following documents listed below:

  • IELTS English test (Pass Mark 4.5+)
  • Police clearance valid within 3 months
  • Driving License
  • Full employment history
  • TB test
  • Validation of training certificates

Migration Process

Step 1: Job Application
Step 2: Documents Check (Police Clearance, IELTS Test, TB Test, Drivers License & ID Check)
Step 3: Shortlisting
Step 4: Agency Screening Interview
Step 5: Job Interview
Step 6: Job Offer
Step 7: Job Contract (Signatures)
Step 8: Certificate of Sponsorship Issued (COS)
Step 9: Visa Application Support
Step 10: Visa Approval
Step 11: Passport Collection
Step 12: Flights Booked & Travel
Step 13: Airport Pick Up
Step 13 Accommodation
Step 14 Training
Step 15: Shadowing
Step 16: Job Starts

UK Pastoral Support

  • National Insurance Registration
  • Opening a UK Bank account
  • Biometrics Collection
  • GP Registration
  • Drivers License Conversion
  • Supermarket Locations
  • Public Transport (Bus routes etc)
  • Local Culture Awareness
  • Local Schools
  • National Tourist Places
  • Weather
  • Shopping Malls

Please note that we do not process Visas; the Home Office processes and issues visas, thus the final decision lies with them. According to Home Office guidelines.
We are there to support you during the Migration Process.